4 Ways To Make Your Car Magnet Last

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Car magnets are a great way to advertise your business and services. They are also an investment into your business. If you have recently invested in a car magnet for your business, make sure that it lasts by following the tips below.

#1 Make Sure You Have A Clean Dry Surface

Before putting the car magnet on your vehicle, you need to make sure that you have a clean, dry surface for the magnet. Dirt and moisture will compromise the magnet's ability to stay on your vehicle.

Since you can take the magnet on and off, that means every time you put the magnet back on your vehicle, you need to thoroughly clean the area before applying the magnet. Also, make sure it is dry before sticking the magnet on. Failing to do so could result in the magnet coming off or losing some of its stickiness over time.

#2 Don't Slide The Magnet

If you want to change the position of the magnet on your vehicle, do not slide or pull the magnet across the vehicle's surface to reposition it, even if you are only making a slight change. Instead, pick the magnet up and off your vehicle and reposition it.

Sliding the magnet can result in the paint on your vehicle getting scratched. It can also scratch the magnet surface of the magnet, resulting in unnecessary wear and tear to the magnet.

#3 Keep The Magnet Flat

Next, make sure that the magnet lays flat on your vehicle. Don't try to wrap the magnet around the corners of your vehicle. If the magnet does not lay flat, this creates the potential for air to get under the edges of the magnet. This can cause the magnet to slowly be worked loose by air as you drive, and could result in the lost of the magnet or damage to the magnet.

Make sure that the magnet is flat and secure against your vehicle before you drive anywhere.

#4 Remove Your Magnet Before A Big Road Trip

If you plan on taking a big road trip, it is a good idea to take your magnet off your vehicle. Magnets do not stay that stable under high winds and speeds, both of which you are going to frequently encounter when you go on a big long road trip. Magnets work best with around town city driving and don't work as well when you are driving at high speeds. 

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