Maintaining Your Sportscar

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When you finally pick up the sportscar of your dreams, the drive home can be thrilling. Once the car is home, however, you might begin to think of ways you can protect and preserve this new vehicle. Every new sports car owner should make use of the maintenance pointers that follow:

Use a Good Car Cover 

Car covers protect the interior and exterior of your sports car from sun rays, rain, twigs and other things in the environment that could damage it. However, if you've got to choose a cover, that also prevents damage. For instance, a plastic cover may be cheap and waterproof but it's not a great choice for long-term use. That's because the plastic material can trap moisture beneath it; that moisture can affect the car's paint job. 

Polyester or other so-called "breathable" materials will permit air circulation that prevents moisture from forming and staying under the cover. To protect against moisture even further, you can wrap the car with blankets before putting the cover on top.

You might want to purchase a cover from the manufacturer--for instance, if you have a Corvette, you may seek out a Corvette car cover, but ensure that you compare and contrast before buying anything. Get a cover with straps so it won't blow away.

Read Your Manual

You might not think there's much more to know about your sports car other than getting in it and pushing the pedals. However, attention to issues specific to your make and model will help you care for the vehicle and prevent problems prematurely.

For example, manual details about the right tires to use can be useful information when you're hoping to trick out your car with custom wheels. Oil change requirements are also important to check out so your engine can run optimally. There should also be suggestions about the fuel that is best for your car.

Drive Sensibly

A sports car can encourage you to drive as if you're on a racetrack. You may find yourself slamming on the gas pedal to accelerate quickly or jerking the steering wheel whenever a turn comes up. To preserve breaks, suspension and other car components, do your best to be mindful of the way you're operating the car

Your sports car looks good today, but with these suggestions, it can look and run great in the weeks, months and years that come along. Car mechanics, equipment retailers, and other experts can answer questions and give guidance.