Signs That Your Car Radio Needs To Be Repaired

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There's nothing quite like getting into your car and cranking up the tunes as you head down the street. Listening to music makes your commute so much more enjoyable, and the minutes seem to fly by as you sing along to the lyrics and bob your head to the beat. If you want to continue enjoying these kinds of experiences, you must take note of when your stereo system is failing. Watching out for the symptoms listed below can help you detect the signs that your car radio needs to be serviced by an audio professional.

The Sound Quality Worsens As The Volume Gets Louder

If you have a good working stereo system, you should be able to turn your volume up as high as you would like to without compromising the quality of the tunes that come from your unit. The maximum volume button was put there for a reason: It signifies the ultimate capacity of the stereo system and lets you know just how high you can blast the music without experiencing any reduction in quality.

When your stereo is on the fritz, you might find that as the sound goes higher you hear a crackling noise that is mixed in with the music. It's hard to enjoy your favorite beats when you have to make out the various words and instrumentals over the annoying static that just seems to get worse and worse. This is almost always a sure sign that your stereo has a short somewhere in the wiring that needs to be repaired.

You No Longer Hear The Bass

Part of the enjoyment of listening to music in the car is hearing and feeling that pleasant "bump" that comes from the bass line in a song. The bass guides the beat and adds that extra special something that enhances the sound quality of the music you listen to. 

If the bass stars to dampen and you notice that there is more treble in the songs than normal, you need to take notice of this. Good bass requires a push/pull effect from both the audio and the speakers, and if this connection is somehow damaged, the bass will suffer.

Keeping your car radio system up to par is all about paying attention to some of the discrepancies that pop up. When you become aware of these symptoms, get your vehicle over to a car audio repair shop like Car Stereo City as soon as possible.