Choosing The Best Window Tinting For Your Vehicle

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People tint their vehicle windows for many different reasons, but the material that you choose for car window tinting is not all the same. As such, getting the best tint for your situation is essential. Professional car window tinting installers can tint the glass for you, and they can help you determine how much tint you need on your car to achieve your tint goals.

Light Tinting

There are many different car window tinting levels that you can use on your car, and sometimes a light tint is enough for your vehicle. A light tint level can reduce the temperature inside your vehicle and reduce the ultraviolet (UV) rays coming through the glass without reducing the visibility at night or in poor weather.

Car window tinting is rated for UV reduction, so it is essential to look at the different materials to see what will give you the best protection. The amount of light coming through the glass is not the same as the amount of UV light coming in, and it is the UV rays that drive the temperatures up and cause damage to the interior of the car. 

Ceramic Tints

Another type of car window tinting available is a ceramic tinting material that uses nano-ceramic particles in the tint material to reduce the temperature in the car. The particles used are non-conductive, so they do not interfere with things like cell phones or other devices in the car, but offer UV protection far greater than the older style films.

Ceramic car window tinting should be installed by a professional car window tinting shop. The films used are often precut to fit the car and are very precise so that they do not have any edges that stick up that could catch on the window frame as the window is moving up or down. Ceramic films can last far longer than standard tint films and can help reduce the UV rays getting into the car. 

Tint Levels

The tint level that is allowed legally can vary from state to state, so it is critical that you find out what that limit is before you add window tinting to your car. Talk with the local tint shop about what the limits are in your area. They will know the limits and if there are exceptions for medical issues or security concerns that you may be eligible for when tinting the glass in your car. For more information, contact a company like Car Toys.