Own A Vacation Rental? 3 Reasons To Tint The Windows

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Owning and running a vacation rental can provide you with a reliable source of supplemental income. However, you may always be looking for ways to improve the rental, boost guest satisfaction, and increase your total profits. Although improving the property will require you to spend money initially, you can invest in strategic upgrades to generate more money over time.

Adding tint to the rental's windows can make an enormous difference in several ways.


Many vacation rentals are in warm climates, and people in cold climates like to visit on vacation during the colder months. When your rental is in a warm climate, you will benefit significantly from window tinting because of the temperature decrease.

When you put up window tinting designed to block sunlight from getting inside, your vacation rental will feel cooler and more comfortable. This means your guests will also feel more comfortable during their stay and need to use the air conditioning less often.

Along with improving guest satisfaction, you will notice a reduction in utility costs. So, you can improve long-term income over time by reducing costs and making guests happier.


Ideally, you want to protect your vacation rental's furniture, features, and decorations as much as possible. Prioritizing protection will maximize their longevity. The concern is that prolonged sunlight exposure can cause issues for most things except the most durable materials. Your furniture, fabrics, and walls may fade in color, while wood can become permanently discolored.

Eventually, you will need to replace furniture pieces and repaint the walls sooner rather than later to maintain an attractive vacation rental. Residential window tinting will eliminate or minimize sunlight exposure, helping you save money by maximizing furniture and feature lifespan.


A vacation rental in a busy neighborhood might not feel too private when the property has lots of windows. While your guests can close blinds or curtains to maintain privacy, you can use window tinting as a permanent solution. Also, you may not mind seeing drivers and pedestrians while in your own home, especially when you know that most of them are your neighbors.

These individuals are all strangers to vacationers and will remain that way. This means that most of your guests will appreciate the privacy from neighbors.

Another benefit is minimizing visibility while the rental is vacant for days or weeks over a year. The tinted windows will deter potential theft and break-ins.

Tint your vacation rental windows for these notable benefits.