2 Mistakes to Avoid When Installing a Cap on Your Truck Bed

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If you have purchased a cap for your pickup truck, you may decide to install it yourself. If so, you may wonder if there is anything you can do to make the installation process go smoothly. If so, make sure you avoid the following mistakes that could make things harder on yourself while installing your new truck cap.

Neglecting to Apply Weatherstripping Foam Beforehand

If you are installing the cap on your truck so you can haul groceries or tools around without having to worry about exposing your cargo to the elements, you want to make sure there are no gaps between the bed's and cap's edges. You can do this by applying a weatherstripping foam inside the gap. Once it expands, it creates an airtight seal that keeps water out.

However, if neglect to apply the foam before you install the truck, you are going to have a hard time ensuring a smooth application. You will have to try to fit the applicator tip inside the small gap, resulting in a messy and uneven line of foam that may leave gaps that let the water in.

To ensure you can apply the foam evenly, spray it on before you place the cap on the truck bed. Then, if any of the foam runs, you can reapply it in spots to ensure a tight seal.

Drilling Holes Before Your Confirm Placement

Another mistake you should avoid making while installing your truck cap is drilling the holes before you confirm placement. Even if you feel you have thoroughly measured the distance between the holes on the cap, there could be slight variations in the truck's bed that could affect how the cap fits.

If you drill before you are certain, you may have unnecessary holes in your truck. These holes could then expose your truck's body to moisture that may lead to rust.

Instead, place the cap on the bed before you start drilling. Then, firmly attach the cap using strong c-clamps that are large enough to hold the edges of both the cap and bed in place. After ensuring that the cap is evenly positioned, find the holes in the cap's edges. Then, drill into the bed's metal so you can attach the bolts in their correct locations.

Avoiding the above mistakes while installing a cap on your truck bed can help save you the hassle of having to repeatedly reposition and reinstall it. If you have any further questions, contact a representative at auto accessories store like J & C Campers so they can give you advice on how to properly install the cap.